lady looking through VR to do art in gravity sketch

VR Oculus Quest guide for creatives

So you want to get a quest for creative pursuits like modelling and 3d sculpting on an oculus quest? You’ve come to the right place. I will eventually make a video, but for now you got a nice written article. Some of the info is incomplete because i haven’t bought/got everything myself yet, but i […]

Spline Wrap Deformer Tutorial Part 1

The spline deformer lets you deform objects along a spline, it can also deform cloners and other things. In this tutorial i also tell you about the difference between cloning on a spline and deforming along a spline.

Cinema 4D version icons

  Tired of all your c4d icons looking the same? Here are some icons for C4D 19-28. Yes i know 24 and 25 isn’t out yet, but im sure it will be out at some point, so i included the icon in advance 🙂  ico files for windows and icns for mac. ( why are […]

free c4d rig bouncy ball cinema 4d

Bouncing Ball – Cinema 4D tutorial

A free rig AND a tutorial?! No way! Yes way! Get the free bouncing ball Rig, AND learn to make a basic animation utilizing squash and stretch!

vacuum rig cinema 4d tutorial

Vacuum Rigging- Cinema4D tutorial

Got this question about rigging a vacuum from Joey So here is the solution i came up with. The hand still can detach if you pull the vacuum too far, perhaps if people are interested i can make a part 2 and figure out how to limit the distance of the vacum, but in […]

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