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Thank you for the great article, my heart sank at the drinking bit. Not being a great drinker (T total) looks like ive got my work cut out for me.


Yeah, it’s not the greatest news, but this world is mostly built on human relationships. And there is nothing that i have found that brings people closer together faster than alcohol. sport, team work activities etc.. also have this affect, but it’s much slower, and with a much more limited amount of people.

you have really great work though, keep it up!

nick zhang

This article inspire me. I don’t like to find job on some freelancer website too, although I’m a programmer, :J. People don’t trust each other on that kind of website. To let more people know about your is really import, and we must pay more effort on it. Although it looks like not so “technically” hard.

And you know, here in China. A “must-have” skill for a great salesman is DRINKING. 😀

nick zhang

Oh, sorry for so many typo. I just find out that after hit the button.

Thank you so much for this great article! Keep going and good luck!

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