Cloth Simulation to make a basic top tutorial

Cinema 4D’s cloth sim system isn’t the most advanced in the world, but I did find a way to simulate a nice top with it. So here is a tutorial about it. I also cover how to modify cloth objects and then keep simulating them.


Actually simulating cloth on moving characters doesn’t go quite as smoothly as you can see here, but i guess it just needs more work. I’ll also try xparticles cloth sim tools some time soon.

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Looking for a way to attach clothes to characters without using the cloth simualtion? Here is a handy video about that:




A good way to stick clothes to a character if you don’t want to simulate them after you made them can be found here :

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  1. Jacob Behunin
    Jacob Behunin says:

    Nice tutorial. You ever planning on making a set of character rigs at the quality level in your Tweet sample? The woman with the sword. Your 5J packs are very cool, but having a good rig to practice facial animation with would be awesome 🙂


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