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Ever wanted buttons for stuff like Protection tag, cloth or other stuff, well now you can. If you need any other buttons, just let me know and Maria will whip em up for you. ( also show her some support on her instagram page)

Also these scripts will finally allow you to create keyboard shortcuts for these tags. Which can save a lot of time if you apply protection tags regularily.

Download Scripts

Kevin made some redshift buttons for you all, just throw them into the same folder 🙂

Download Redshift Tag buttons

If you found this interesting, also check out this tutorial about UI customization: https://ace5studios.com/ui-customization-in-maxon-cinema4d/

customize the UI of cinema4D tutorial image

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  1. Joe Ski
    Joe Ski says:

    Hey Aleksey, this is awesome…something I’ve always wanted to configure my layout with. Thanks for putting it together and sharing!

    Is there any way to use this same technique for GSG’s Signal plugin tag? Having that as a dockable buttom would be so sweet.

    Thanks again!



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