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5 Types of Symmetry in Cinema 4D

How do you make thing symmetrical in Cinema 4D? Actually there are a surprising amount of different ways to do. There is the symmetry object, duh.. Then there are inverted instances, symmetrical sculpt brushes, symmetrical selections and flipping pose morphs 🙂 Grab The fantastic HB modelling toolset here: https://gumroad.com/a/607908979 Cheers! https://ace5studios.com/products – check out the […]

CentiLeo a Free GPU renderer for Cinema 4D

Cinema 4d GPU renderer, for free? hell yeah! I go over what it supports, what it doesn’t support. Haven’t really done any serious stress tests, but i think it’s a great tool to get your feet wet. And also check out what gpu rendering can do for your projects. Go grab it at: https://centileo.com/ Cheers! […]

What is Crypto Art?

So you heard about Beeple making 3.5million in a weekend with it? Crypto art is an umbrella term for a system used to verify ownership of a digital piece of art. Image, video or gif. The basic concept is: if you have extra money, you can now buy digital art ownership and brag to your […]

Should you charge for project files?

In short?  If you are working with some other form of production company. For example a studio, agency, production house, then most definitely plan to hand them over. If you didn’t discuss this up front, take the hit this time. Next time include it in your rate.  OR 2. If you are working with an […]

IK – FK transition during animation

Do you need to switch between IK and FK during an animation in Cinema 4d? My suggestion is: Don’t. But if you really want to i made a tutorial for you. 🙂 https://ace5studios.com/products – check out the free rigs first ! Check out my other Animation tutorials in my tutorial page! Or click on the […]

Keyframes 101 – Introduction

Don’t know how to handle keyframes? Check out this handy video with the basics, and some useful tips! Videos like this should help you learn the basics of animation and keyframes. So that later you can follow any tutorials, not just C4D ones. But maya and blender, and whatever software the animator is using. https://ace5studios.com/products […]

Dynamic Stool Modelling – Xpresso intro

Get into Xpresso by making this little dynamic stool! Learn the basics of xpresso in this small tutorial. It’s the “Don’t be afraid verison” of xpresso. I go through everything step by step, so as to not scare away people 🙂 Let me know what you think! Here is a video on my instagram account […]