Breakdown: With the exception of the plane, truck, car, dolphin and submarine model, everything else was done by me personally.

Modelling, rigging, animating, lighting, compositing.

C4D guy

Make it, rig it, fix it, light it, run it; make it faster, better, stronger!


Bounce it, play it, drift it, fling it, sling it, run it up the wall!

Character Designer

Awww… look at that little guy he is sooo cute!

I’m a Cinema 4d Freelancer. I mostly assist other professionals in the vfx/mograph/video industry. I don’t work with direct clients, I just help other artists get stuff done. So if you do video and need some 3D animation in your project or you do 3D animation, but your current project is a bit more than you can handle, or you’re simply running out of time. That’s what I’m here for. Email me a brief, a budget and a dropbox folder and i’ll figure out how to get it done for you. Some put it like I’m a gun for hire, others brand me as “Last minute VFX”.

Either way I work remotely, efficiently, and keep you always updated on what’s going on, i regularly put updates in the dropbox folder with incremental progress files, so you always know whats going on and if you’re client asks you for small, easy changes you can do them yourself right there without waiting for me. I also try to set up files in such a way that things are easy to change. If there is anything complex in there i’ll probably also drop a small video explaining how the scene works, so you can get on with your project.