Need Ready Made Rigs?

Need a Cinema 4D Freelancer now?

Are you and Artist and need help getting stuff done? If you make videos and are in need of 3D animation for your project, I’ll figure out how to get it done for you. Some put it like I’m a gun for hire, others brand me as “Last minute VFX”.

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Hey I'm Aleksey Alex - "ey"

Cinema 4D Guy

Make it, Rig it, Fix it, Light it, Run it; make it Faster, Better, Stronger!


Bounce it, play it, drift it, fling it, sling it, run it up the wall!

Character Designer

Awww… look at that little guy he is sooo cute!



I love when I’m given some existing work and told to make it better, this was one of those projects!


Sometimes I’m Lucky enough to be hired to go through the whole process of character design, creation and rigging.


I always wanted to figure out how transformers transform, and I did!


Here there were some interesting challenges with the cape and long coat. Oh and mocap compatibility. 

Random Tit-Bits

Melissa Face shock
tiger white 0009
Birds on Mushroom
flower white_019_thea_002_Pink_015macro



You don’t actually have to hire me to do the work. Some clients hire me to consult for daily/weekly phone calls, where they show me what they are up to, ask for advice, tips, workflow optimization etc.


I can rig Bipeds, Quadrapeds, Birds, Faces, Tanks, Excavators, stools, any custom rigs, whatever you need 🙂 

I don’t just use the character auto rig tool, we actually create fully custom stuff here . So we can add features as needed.


Motion captures are recordings of real life humans in special suits. It is then used to animate characters in Cinema 4D.

I can apply it to characters, making rigs work with it or clean it up so its not so jittery. All kinds of useful stuff I can do with mocap in Cinema 4D. 


You need some fancy set up to have things that affect each other in a procedural way? 

I’m your man! Check out this dynamic stool!

Click here to watch a tutorial!


I also animate stuff in Cinema 4D. Characters, robots, juice boxes, coins, whatever it is you need.

Especially fond of Loop animations and Short character Animations.


Can model and retopologize all kinds of stuff natively in Cinema 4D. So you’ll have all the right tags, materials, modifiers deformers, xpresso setups for easy modification.

Lighting and Materials

I can also set up lighting and materials in octane quite well. 

Let’s Work Together!


Aleksey Voznesenski

email: hello @
ph: +1 908 866 6707
Current location: Somewhere Between, New York, Berlin and Warsaw.

Remote Work

Email me:

  • Brief / Story board
  • Budget
  • Dropbox folder

I work remotely and efficiently.

Regular updates in the dropbox folder with incremental c4d files.

I set up files in such a way that things are easy to change yourself. 

I can provide small videos explaining how the scene works.