highWay  Tutorial – Fun With splines (Cinema 4D)
Spline Wrap Deformer Tutorial Part 1
FFD deformer tips
Planet Tutorial – The cartoony planet
Jiggle Deformer – Blubber Time
Surface Deformer

Materials 101

Materials 107 – Alpha vs Transparency
Materials 106 – using color to control stuff
Materials 105 -vertex maps and polygon selections – Cinema4D
Materials 104 -SSS, inverse AO, Silk – Cinema4D
Materials 103 – Cinema4D
Materials 102 – Cinema4D
Materials 101 – Cinema4D
Render Glass in Cinema 4D

Business Stuff

What is Crypto Art?
Should you charge for project files?
Things you can do in the 3D MoGraph industry
How much should you charge?  –  More.
How to get jobs as a Freelancer ( 3D artist)
Should i work for free?
Starting out as a freelancer in the 3D/VFX industry
5 things i wish i knew when i was starting out as a 3D artist
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