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Anyone uses discord? If you have any questions about my stuff, feel free to message me on it: https://discord.gg/zvftuQ

I know everyone has a server nowdays.. but hey, its probably the fastest way to get a hold of me.


cell – Flat shading in viewport – Cinema 4D

Get a flat shaded look in cinema4d, right in the viewport, how to hide some potentially annoying features from the viewport, and just an assortment of little tips.


Progressive rendering and render settings

Want that progressive GPU/arnold feel in native c4d render, well here you go. Enjoy it!

Floating things in water, the fake approach

Some small tips on how to get things to float with a springy effect, without using actual time consuming simulations.

Planet Spinning tutorial

Learn about continuous motion, with curves and mograph effectors, lots of other useful tips too.

If you haven’t yet, check out the tutorial on how to make this planet in the tutorials section.

Hey there!

This is a news roll kinda place. To see the latest stuff i posted, if you are looking for specific topics/tutorials, check out the Tutorials section, it has categories and just topic titles, so you don’t have to scroll through entire articles.


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