Dynamic Stool Modelling – Xpresso intro

Get into Xpresso by making this little dynamic stool!

Learn the basics of xpresso in this small tutorial. It’s the “Don’t be afraid verison” of xpresso. I go through everything step by step, so as to not scare away people 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Here is a video on my instagram account of what you’ll be making.

Rail Spline Tutorial

Ever Wondered what the rail spline field is all over the place? well this will hopefully clear that up for you


Conversation with dropbox.

Dawson, Dec 22, 2:21 AM:

Hi Aleksey,

We have already provided you with the details of this deletion and there is no further action I can take regarding this. If you have any other questions regarding other issues I’d be happy to help.


Aleksey Voznesenski, Dec 21, 9:54 AM:

so this is being classified as user error? and nothing is going to be done about this?

because i can tell its 100% that i did not delete these files.

can this issue be escalated? Or what is my further course of action on this?

i would like to continue using dropbox, but if its unreliable like this, then i will have to make alternative arrangements.

Ace5 studios
3D animation, motion graphics (//ace5studios.com)

Dawson, Dec 21, 9:47 AM:

Hi Aleksey,

They were deleted by the user Aleksey Voznesenski on the device Albinotron on the 6th of November 2015.

These deletions occurred separately to the others so weren’t seen immediately, as no event links were provided. I found the deletions in your events page. This is where you can see and restore them when you need to.


Aleksey Voznesenski, Dec 21, 4:40 AM:

ok, so who and when deleted this? i can’t see the information.. which computer initiated the delete? and when. And why weren’t the files showing up for you before when i asked about them? You told me they where never uploaded.

Also you understand this is a very serious issue right? Lots of people rely on dropbox to keep their files. This makes it unacceptable to use as a back up service for important files.

This is information that needs to be available to users and potential customers.


Ace5 studios
3D animation, motion graphics (//ace5studios.com)

Dawson, Dec 21, 4:35 AM:

Hi Aleksey,

The system says it was deleted but that’s all the information we get on our end. We can see who, when, and where but not the why. If it happens again then please let us know and we can investigate further.


Aleksey Voznesenski, Dec 21, 4:07 AM:

was this a bug in the system? is there something i did to cause this? can this be prevented in the future.

In a different set of circumstances this could be a huge issue!

Ace5 studios
3D animation, motion graphics (//ace5studios.com)

Dawson, Dec 21, 4:04 AM:

Hi Aleksey,

I’ve found and restored the files that you indicated. Any files you may have already restored were not affected. If you find additional files that are missing, please let me know their names and locations and I’ll be happy to look for them.

Please note that it may take some time for the restorations to sync back to your account.

If you have questions about the restore process or file deletions, you can read more here:


If there’s anything else I can do for you, please let me know.


Aleksey Voznesenski, Dec 18, 9:51 AM:


my event log says those files where indeeed added. So the question is where did they go?

here is a gif about what happens when i click on it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rizq58k89rsfd0s/missing%20file.gif?dl=0

you understand, how rendering from a software package works, right? they are all rendered and save sequentially to the folder. How else can i save them to dropbox?

Ace5 studios
3D animation, motion graphics (//ace5studios.com)

Dawson, Dec 18, 9:44 AM:

Hi Aleksey,

If you check out your events page and change the date to the 6th of November, you’ll see that the file branches_002_0016.png was not uploaded to Dropbox with other files of similar description. From what we can see, this file was not added or uploaded to Dropbox. In this case you’ll have to examine your method of saving to Dropbox.


Aleksey Voznesenski, Dec 17, 7:19 AM:

do you understand how this works? I work and render directly to drop box. its my working folder.

i set the render path in cinema4D ( my 3d appicaltion) and it renders out the frames sequentially. into the drop box folder.

i then make a gif out of the files with photoshop. if the files where missing. then i would get missing frame errors.

since this gif exists: https://www.dropbox.com/s/920yu8pvsqibved/branches_002.gif?dl=0

and it has all the frames. It means that dropbox somehow deleted the files from my renders folder. This is the only place they have existed.

can you check the logs for 06-Nov 20:57 UTC +1:00
these files where definitly there. both because my application renders sequentially and because i have a gif that i made from those files. there is not situations where i would go in and delete 4 files.

My issue isn’t recovering the files. in this case it is easy to recover them. My issue that dropbox did not back them up and has no way of recovering them. which is what im paying for.

Ace5 studios
3D animation, motion graphics (//ace5studios.com)

Dawson, Dec 17, 6:00 AM:

Hi Aleksey,

I am very sorry but I do not believe we can recover your files since they were never uploaded to Dropbox.

The Dropbox folder is just a normal folder on your computer. When you drag files to it you are moving them and not copying them. If you deleted the files from the Dropbox folder before they finished uploading then there is nothing I can do to restore them. Dropbox syncs folders first and then files from smallest to largest, so your account may have some of the files. You can log into https://dropbox.com to see what Dropbox has.

Also, if you attempted to upload a shortcut file (LNK in Windows, Alias file in Mac OS) please note that Dropbox will only sync the shortcut file rather than the actual file or folder to which the shortcut points.

If you have a backup, or haven’t emptied the Trash, you may be able to get those files back. Otherwise, I’m sorry to say that you may have deleted your own copies of those files. Also, if you moved the files out of the Dropbox folder and didn’t delete them then they would still be on your computer. Try your computer’s “file search” feature to search all of your disk drives.

Good luck! Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Best regards,

Aleksey Voznesenski, Dec 16, 5:39 AM:

as in the screenshot, this is the folder: “3d stuff\Branches\renders\branches_002″
on the 6th of november the files where there, since i made a gif with them. so between then and now they dissapeared.

Ace5 studios
3D animation, motion graphics (//ace5studios.com)

Dawson, Dec 16, 5:36 AM:

Hi Aleksey,

Thanks for getting back to me!

Can you tell me the name of the folder in which these files were located? Also, the date in which you think the files were deleted?

The more information we receive the quicker we can locate said files.


Aleksey Voznesenski, Dec 16, 5:23 AM:


i need to know where those files went…
as you can see they are missing. one folder up there is a gif i made on the 6th of november and all the files where there..

the drop down menu on the events page doesnt show the folder where that file was: https://i.imgur.com/4l5heMi.png

there is also no search on the events page…

I deal with a very large amount of files. can dropbox handle this?
maybe this is the wrong service for my needs.