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I used a logitech G700s for sketchup shortcuts. it is a gaming mouse also.


ooh, that looks like a sweet mouse too. although i dont like those buttons in the corner of the left click. i used to have 2 on my older razer naga, never was comfortable to use em 🙁

I tried The Razer Naga Epic Chroma, my personal opinion was that the extra keys were awesome for creative apps. But the feel and weight of the mouse was super weird. It was way too light for me. I opted for the Logitech MX Master. It feel like it was made for my hand, but i miss the Naga’s extra buttons.


whatever makes you happy 😀


i also just got the master mx,but under OS X in c4d the behavior was odd, the middle mouse button was only working once in four or five clicks, wich made it horrible to work with and i sent it back, maybe it´s just a mac thing

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