9 Modelling tips in Cinema 4D

These are some modelling tips that where being discussed on the mograph chat. I decided there should be a little summary of them.  thanks to Brasco for clarifying some of them.

  1. use the ‘.’ ( the full stop button). click and drag while holding to wheight edges of a SubD surface
    edge wheights
  2. hold ctrl while in slide edge tool to make loop
    edge loops
  3. Weld Tool (M,Q) Hold Ctrl with no points selected to weld. Or use Stitch and sew tool for same effect.
    weld Ctrl
  4. Dissolve – Melt Difference
    dissolve MEtl
  5. ctrl+shift click to select polygon paths
    ctrlshift select
  6. u,l loops selection, u,f fill selection
  7. split command, then hit delete to have 2 separate objects
  8. top of shape with hex object
  9. python script to import  c4d objects from your drive. So you can for example have a c4d file with 4 or 5 of those hex discs, and you can import them all with a button to any scene. and then pick the right one.
    def main():
      fn = 'X:\[Asset library]\Model library\Modeling Toolkit\Base Geometry\Hexahedral_Discs.c4d'

Tell me if i missed anything you love to use =)


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4 replies
  1. amateurvolcanologist
    amateurvolcanologist says:

    Please forgive my poor command of 3D terminology, but can weighting a point or edge with the “.” + CTRL function vs adding additional edge cuts create some problems later on? I seem to recall using this technique for the sharpest 2 angles on a heart shaped spline and it didn’t quite hold up with under SubD modifier.

    • aleksey
      aleksey says:

      Hey, yeah, personally i don’t use this technique too often, but there are situations where it come in really handy. ussually its for hard surface pieces, where at open edges, you don’t want to add extra edges to make them flush with something else.


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