camera animation tutorial cinema 4d

Camera Animation 101 – Cinema4D

Camera animation is a big deal, this quick tutorial tries to get you started with it. How to avoid that 3d look, why you should use nulls, how to pick focal length etc.


up vector aim canon tutorial cinema 4d security camera

Up Vectors in Cinema4D – Cannon rigging

Find out what up vectors are and how they can help you to rig cannons, eyes, forearm twist a whole bunch of other stuff.


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riggging C4D Aim and up vector in cinema 4D

Playblast render or Hardware preview in Cinema4D

Sometimes your scene won’t playback at full speed in the viewport, and you want to see what your animation timing looks like, but it takes too long to render a full render. This here is your solution.


Sometimes you need to show an animation to your client, but rendering the whole thing would take too long, well that’s what playblasts are for. So you can get your timing and animation approved before you spend hours/days rendering the final animation.

Usually you would show your client some still frames of the final look, and a playblast to get approval on timing and positions of objects etc.
In S22, you actually have a lot more nice settings like “copy from viewport” and “geometry only”. It’s also called “viewport render” instead of Hardware

If you want your animation to automatically save to a “playblast” folder next to your c4d files, you can plug in ./playblasts/$prj into your save field. It will automatically name the output file as your c4d projet file, very handy. The “./” means same folder as c4d files. the $prj means “porject name”

You should also switch your forma to “mp4” and then you can click that little arrow next to the word “format” and this will show you the settings of the mp4 file you will be making and you can adjust stuff there too.

Also have you noticed how your picture viewer runs out of cache space? the green line at the bottom?

To fix this, you need to press ctrl+e go to “memory” and increase the “picture viewer” memory allocated. ( note this is dependent on how much ram you have, so don’t jack it up too high)


Hope this was helpful, check out my other tutorials, for more handy tips

Depth of field ( DOF ) in Cinema 4D

Depth of field or that blurry background effect. Learn the various ways you can achieve this effect in Cinema 4D.


Render Glass in Cinema 4D

Struggling with glass? struggle no more! In under 10 minutes you’ll know all the secrets to realistic glass renders! nah im just kidding, the secrets are infinite, but this should get you started on the right path. You now have no excuse for ugly glass renders.



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There was a question about metal, so i decided to make a quick metal video, here it is 🙂

Make sure you delete the specular channel in your reflectance. It’s ugly and shouldn’t be there :))

In short: Make a new material, set the color to black, enable reflectance, delete the default specular layer in reflectance, add a GGX layer, scroll down to fresnel settings. Select “conductor” pick a preset if you want, or just set the blurriness manually. Ta-da!


free cinema 4d rigged bony character

Ultimate #Bony4D Free Cinema4D Character rig!

Fully rigged #Bony4D character for cinema 4D

Free Cinema 4D rigged character Bony biped animation


Hey Guys, If you enjoyed the Beefy4D rig, now you get the Bony4D, thanks to the talented Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin! Make sure to check out his other maya rigs in the link below.


The original Character and rig for maya was made by Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin

Hint: Bind “reset psr” to an easy shortcut if you haven’t yet 🙂


If you use him and post somewhere make sure to tag him as #BONY4D


Get the Cinema4D rig of Bony here:

Download Bony4D

Don’t forget to follow me and Maria on twitter for more free rigs!


cell – Flat shading in viewport – Cinema 4D

Get a flat shaded look in cinema4d, right in the viewport, how to hide some potentially annoying features from the viewport, and just an assortment of little tips.



Progressive rendering and render settings

Want that progressive GPU/arnold feel in native c4d render, well here you go. Enjoy it!