Instant Grass Tutorial – Cinema 4D

Instant Grass Tutorial Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D has a great little grass preset that somehow went under the radar. In this quick tutorial i go over how to Make a nice quick grass render, enjoy!


The quick grass preset is located in the menu with the infinite floor object, just click and hold on it and then you can select the grass object. Before clicking on it, you should have a polygon object which you want to cover with grass selected. Then select the grass material in your material manager and just drag the density slider up to make it nice thick.

Next comes the lighting.Firstly create a point light. I have my lights set to have an “inverse square” fall off, which you can change in the details tab. Also i have soft shadows turned on by default. Place the first light on one side of the object and then ctrl drag the light to create a copy and place it on the other side of the object, and move a bit towards the camera, so the shadows are falling slightly towards the back.

That’s it, you can now hit render! You can also open the content browser with shift+f8 and go to the vizualize library and find some plants to scatter on your objects. I use the mograph cloner for this.


Question: How do i make all the plants point vertically up like they do in real life?

Answer: untick the “align clones” tick box

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I want to thank you for having this and your other tutorials, they have been very helpful.

Any chance you know how I can get these materials to translate to something like RedShift? Thanks!


Really glad you like my tutorials 🙂 For red shift you’ll probably have to use the hair material and generate geometry and then find a material in redshift. Sorry I’m not sure, i don’t use redshift.

Hey Im new to c4d and I was wondering is there a way to convert the architectural grass to polygons for export? Im using Marmoset to Render in.


unfortuntately i don’t think there is a way to convert this tag to geo.

you’d have to make grass with the hair tools, select” polygons” under “generate” tab and then make em editable and export

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