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Hi Aleksey, what would be the steps for adjusting this rig to include and bind to a model of my own? is it possible?


Thats a very complex question. If you want the approach with the least learning, google how to use the character object in Cinema 4D.

Otherwise, you should look up tutorials on rigging characters in cinema 4D, i don’t have any at the moment.

Thanks dude for all your hard work, putting love and shared knowledge out there is priceless. Nevertheless, I think Ash has a valid point for a good tutorial 😉


Glad you like it, yeah, i know i need to do it, just rigging is such a trouble shooting heavy process… But i’ll see what i can do.


i used this rig to make a walk cycle animation, but everytime i export it, or try to bake down the animation into keyframes the animation goes super wonky (the entire model starts rotating on its root axis), i’m thinking maybe some of the expressions driving the rig are getting messed with in the bake process…has anyone had this problem? is there a way to bake it so that it works, im probably ding some rookie mistake here.


what are you baking for? you should be able to bake the joints, then export as fbx. Can you record a video or share the file?


thanks for the quick reply and the great rig, it was a super time saver. i didn’t have time to troubleshoot for too long, so i’m still not sure what the issue was exactly, but i managed to get it baked properly with nitro bake.

Jens Müller

hello 🙂

first of all nice rig. I´m trying to animate the controllers via transformation/rotation but i can´t set any keyframes in my timeline. I´m really new to animation and rigging, so sorry if it´s a dumb question. But how do i animate this 😀


if you have the controller selected, just hitting F9 should get you a keyframe.

maybe check out the animation section of this tutorial?


Hello, first off
This rig is AMAZING
One help from you, can you please make a tutorial on making a rig
This would make my year!


thanks 🙂 Glad you like it.

Im working on a rigging course. But it’s no easy task… maybe i’ll start a patreon for it or something..


Looking forward to it,and id love to help out as much as i can even if i am not that rich,there are very few cinema 4d rigging tutorials out there(at least as far as I’ve researched) and since yours would be a step by step guide….i am seriously looking forward to it


Amazing Rig man, clean design and nice colors.
I just want to say thanks for the hard work.

I think people are asking for a tutorial because what you did looks really good, but the instructions for rigging are all over the internet.. hell you can even use this one to learn how to do it, I’m not sure they really want to know how to rig after you get in to the hard part if you know what I mean.



you’re welcome man :))

Mikhail A Gilbert

Hey Aleksey,

I’m an aspiring Character Artist in C4D. I love this rig! It showed me some functionality that is so necessary but I’m having some trouble wrapping my head around how you did it. Its the FK/IK switch in the arm. I believe you’ve used constraints but I’m not sure.

Is there a tutorial you’ve made that might explain how to achieve this step by step?? I’d love to learn more about it.


Hi, i don’t have it right now, but it’s on my to-do list 🙂

Glad you liked it 🙂

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