Ultimate #Bony4D Free Cinema4D Character rig!

Fully rigged #Bony4D character for cinema 4D

Free Cinema 4D rigged character Bony biped animation


Hey Guys, If you enjoyed the Beefy4D rig, now you get the Bony4D, thanks to the talented Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin! Make sure to check out his other maya rigs in the link below.


The original Character and rig for maya was made by Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin

Hint: Bind “reset psr” to an easy shortcut if you haven’t yet 🙂


If you use him and post somewhere make sure to tag him as #BONY4D


Get the Cinema4D rig of Bony here:

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4 replies
    • aleksey
      aleksey says:

      Thats a very complex question. If you want the approach with the least learning, google how to use the character object in Cinema 4D.

      Otherwise, you should look up tutorials on rigging characters in cinema 4D, i don’t have any at the moment.

        • aleksey
          aleksey says:

          Glad you like it, yeah, i know i need to do it, just rigging is such a trouble shooting heavy process… But i’ll see what i can do.


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