True symmetry Cinema4D – make your life easier in 1 easy step

True symmetry Cinema4D make your life easier in 1 easy step


[update]: unfortunately this plugin is no longer developed and unavailable 🙁
Great plugin that everyone should use.

get it here:

Hope you enjoy!

R20: to get this to work with R20 you will need the insydium bridge which you can get here:

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TrueSymmetry for Cinema R16-R18, PLEASE!


mine still works on r17… try magic symmtery too, maybe it’ll work better for you.


It just does not show up in plugins menu, version R18.


Same with MagicSymmetry, not showing in plugins menu, what I do wrong? I put the plugin into R18 plugin folder.


OK, found Magic Symmetry, it shows up in Tags menu and it works with R18, but still no True Symmetry.


It works in R18. You have to put it in Edit -> Preferences -> Open preferences folder. There you’ll find another plugin folder.


Sorry guys, didn’t see the comment, strange, need to check my notification settings.

you will want to check out this for R20:


And remember that it won’t show up in the plugins folder. It will appear as a new tag for objects.

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