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Thanks a lot Aleksey. I really appreciate your efforts in creating this, and your generosity in sharing it. However, there seems to be an anomaly. Though the model itself looks fine, when I first open the project file I get the following warning:

Several plugins used in this project are missing.
Saving may cause loss of plugin data!
Plugin ‘TrueSymmetry’ (ID 1024300)


thats just a plugin i used during modelling, it will just be a tag with a question mark. Shouldn’t have any effect on using the rig. Check out // to see what it is.

glad you like it!


Thanks Aleksey.

I should have researched the plugin first, instead of after posting, so all is well. I installed it, which eliminates the warning.

Just out of curiosity, have you noticed a weird bug with the plugin that causes polygons to disappear when it is applied to objects like icosahedron spheres, or pyramids, when the symmetry plane bisects polygons? I found that some polygons straddling the symmetry plane will either immediately disappear when symmetry is enabled, or after selecting and extruding some polygons on one half of the object.

Very odd.

(I’m using it in R18.)


yeah.. its a bit finicky. if i get trouble, i first delete half the mesh, then use the regular c4d symmetry object, make it editable, and after that apply the true symmetry tag.


Thanks for the info.

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