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Reel Critique

It’s too long, make it shorter ( less than 1 minute) Put the best stuff up front. Get rid of the stuff that you are not proud of. Put in the type of work you actually want to do Make it shorter Seriously, make it shorter.   Trust me this applies to your reel. It […]

C4D install variations

Do you ever need to run various configurations of c4d on a regular basis? For example an install without plugins? Or perhaps you are beta testing a render engine, and you regularily need to switch between stable and beta version? Well here i’ll show you how to do that without duplicating your whole c4d install […]


  Ha-HA! Finally it is done! Marvin rigged for Cinema4D ! Thanks for Vector from https://www.vector3d.co.uk/ for the awesome model! I just did some cleaning up on it to make it more rigging friendly. Then i set up the rig, only added 2 facial expressions. I think facial expressions will be my next challenge. You […]