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Ultimate #Beefy4D Cinema4D Character rig! (updated)

Fully rigged #Beefy4D character for cinema 4D [updated]: Check out the new Beefy Rig for cinema4D. When i released the first one i wasn’t that good at rigging, and had Brett Do it, but since them ive improved a lot, and developed my own style of rigging, and even taught Maria how to do it […]

Hotdog4D – Free Cinema4D Character Rig

  Sorry, no more download 🙁 got email from lawyers, apparently this isn’t cool… but go check out my other free rigs in the tutorials section, got a robot and a marvin the martian in there. Saw the dancing snapchat hotdog, and just had to recreate it, such a fun character. Then got my apprentice […]

Naming and Numbering Conventions

This is an issue i run into a lot. People have terrible naming conventions, so i thought i’d go over some basics. This is mostly based on my experience and is more geared towards freelancers. There are many other possibilities, but these i think are the essentials, the rest will probably be pipeline dependant. So […]

Timer – productivity quicktip

There are many time tracking apps and what not, but for me personally i find it very helpful to just set a timer and a small goal. Its kinda like the pomodoro technique. I’ll ussually use 25min timers, and go: “i will do these 3 points of revisions in the next 25 minutes”. I also […]

Free 2 legged robot rig C4D

Hey Hey! It’s a free cinema 4D rig. This time i share with you my cute little 2 legged walker. hope you have fun playing with him. Make sure to send me links to anything you make. I always love seeing what you get up to! If you get a warning about true symmetry you […]

Reel Critique

It’s too long, make it shorter ( less than 1 minute) Put the best stuff up front. Get rid of the stuff that you are not proud of. Put in the type of work you actually want to do Make it shorter Seriously, make it shorter.   Trust me this applies to your reel. It […]