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Render Glass in Cinema 4D

Struggling with glass? struggle no more! In under 10 minutes you’ll know all the secrets to realistic glass renders! nah im just kidding, the secrets are infinite, but this should get you started on the right path. You now have no excuse for ugly glass renders.     There was a question about metal, so […]

Ultimate #Bony4D Cinema4D Character rig!

Fully rigged #Bony4D character for cinema 4D   Hey Guys, If you enjoyed the Beefy4D rig, now you get the Bony4D, thanks to the talented Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin! Make sure to check out his other maya rigs in the link below.   The original Character and rig for maya was made by Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin Hint: Bind […]

Discord – for assistance

Hey, Anyone uses discord? If you have any questions about my stuff, feel free to message me on it: https://discord.gg/zvftuQ I know everyone has a server nowdays.. but hey, its probably the fastest way to get a hold of me. Cheers, Aleksey