Ha-HA! Finally it is done! Marvin rigged for Cinema4D ! Thanks for Vector from for the awesome model! I just did some cleaning up on it to make it more rigging friendly.

Then i set up the rig, only added 2 facial expressions. I think facial expressions will be my next challenge.

You can ignore the errors that come up about plugins, you don’t actually need them.

This model is free for private use. There is no commercial license since its copyright property of warner Bros.

If you have trouble animating or posing him, have a look at this video, its a very similar concept:

width=’16’ height=’9′ av_uid=’av-1oi0d’]

And you can download him from here and don’t forget to tag him #marvin4d if you use him:


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    • aleksey
      aleksey says:

      you’re welcome man! can you tell me where you’re coming from? I seem to have lots of people hitting this page, but no referal link 🙂

  1. Renee
    Renee says:

    Hey Aleksey, great giveaway. Thanks for sharing. I followed a link from Pixelab, you’re featured in their free giveaways.

  2. Clement Elemi
    Clement Elemi says:

    nice one dude, keep on moving cause ur work have got me inspired to d extent that I will have to embrace the field of animation

  3. dawood badri
    dawood badri says:

    thanks bro for this project i was having Ik issue and the new stuff i learned was that you can do ik on nulls ? thank you for amazing stuff your doing amazing job in teaching us making this stuff for us really appreciate it definitely deserves a subscribe to the YT channel
    your forever student


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