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Doug A

Thanks for sharing this – great project!


you’re welcome man! can you tell me where you’re coming from? I seem to have lots of people hitting this page, but no referal link 🙂


Hey Aleksey, great giveaway. Thanks for sharing. I followed a link from Pixelab, you’re featured in their free giveaways.

Korah lok

Hey Aleksey
Can buy this tutorial? I want to learn.


hi Korah, its a rigged character, not a tutorial 🙁

But if i make one i’ll be sure to post it here.


When I render it it all comes out as black.


maybe you need lighting?


nice project .
where i can learn rigging like this


dunno man, i learned most of what i know form maya tutorials. and the manual. there is no easy way here.

Clement Elemi

nice one dude, keep on moving cause ur work have got me inspired to d extent that I will have to embrace the field of animation

hi aleksey, render and lighting like you did, a big problem for us newbies. Can u make a tutorial for this.
example, light location vs…


you should have a look at my glass tutorials:


Very nice work!!
Belgium 🙂

dawood badri

thanks bro for this project i was having Ik issue and the new stuff i learned was that you can do ik on nulls 🤯 thank you for amazing stuff your doing amazing job in teaching us making this stuff for us really appreciate it definitely deserves a subscribe to the YT channel
your forever student

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