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So i thought i’d use my blog to write little pieces about stuff happening in my 3d/vfx/mograph world.

Finally had the combination of free time and motivation to work on some personal projects. Decided to make a monthly wallpaper for Smashing magazine. While working on it realized that working on personal projects somehow manages to be a lot more stressful than on paid work. On paid work i understand that i get paid not only for knowing how cinema4D works, but also for knowing how it doesn’t work and how to get around its shortcomings, and when on a job, i just find a work around and move on, because time is money 🙂 But on personal projects my mild OCD doesn’t let me just leave it and i have to dig down and find exactly what is causing the problem… so something that i could finish in a couple of hours ends up taking days..




Dropbox, i love dropbox, but it really failed me this week. I found that some files from a rendered sequence where missing from the folder… And i definitly, didn’t delete them, coz why would i go in and delete frames 16-20?

Screenshot 2015-12-17 16_10_39-branches_002


After a lengthy conversation with support, after them saying the files where never uploaded, and then after i showed em logs which say they where indeed uploaded, they say that I deleted the files, my faith in them is severely diminished…

Here is the entire conversation if anyone is interested, with screenshots


No idea what to do about this… They refuse to take responsibility, and i really don’t like that not only it doesn’t work as a backup, it just straight out eats my files… Here it was just a few frames, but at another point in time it could be more important stuff.

Blast from the past

Rediscovered this plugin, i just love it! Get it here: //

There are a bunch of nifty things in there, but Transform is my favorite



Ah yeah, and nearly forgot. There are sales on both 3D-Coat and Thea render for Cinema4D.


3d coat is $100 off!

And Thea render for c4d is 95 Eur off, so its only 300EUR till the 12th January! Read my review and then go grab a copy! You wont be sorry!





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