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thanks for your TUT.

I worked whit Thea render similar too . I instaled altus demo and want work whit altus. but I have problem ! innobright website have poor suport and tutrial for Beginner .
I renderd All passes need and import that to altus but when I click on “RUN” show this error :

I uplod my erorr picture on 3 server :

media fire:


uploadpie :


photobox :

thanks for your help .


eh.. no idea, sorry, maybe try emailing their support?


thanks aleksey ,for your response .

inobright support is poor ! They are not accountable! 🙁


i think you’re over reacting, they seemed like really nice and helpful people to me.


Hi again aleksey

that problem solved . Ticket System in innobright website has a problem and my massage have not reached .
now all is good in support .


Aleksey , I have new problem . innobright sopport sent me this Email :
Hi Nabi,

There is not enough variation between your buffers, there is a lot of noise that will not
be accounted. i am not familiar with Thea render how are you specifying the seed change
between buffers?

If you want to check this your self you can do a minus in nuke or another compositing
package. When subtracting the rgb b0 and b1 you should see a significant difference
between the images.

now , I am I got confused .
I use Time limit for seed change between buffers . For example, for this test I use 2 and 6 Minute limit .

Where is my problem?
you work with Thea Render Same to me .
How you create significant difference
between the images?

thanks for your help


what you did, didn’t change the seed. in the video i said that i change subsampling. At this moment thea doesn’t have a seed number you can easily change 🙁


you tell me that I change Supersampling between aoto – None – Normal _ Hight ?

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