Create a Stylized Snowman and Xpresso Driven Trees in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial we’ll create a stylized snowman and some Xpresso-based Christmas trees, it’ll be fun! First, we’ll go over the modeling of the snowman using some basic sculpting for the scarf and the hat (pre C4D R14 tools). Next, we’ll cover setting up materials with layers. Finally, we’ll set up the lighting and make some customizable Xpresso trees to add in the background.

This was another tutorial i published for Cgtuts, if you have any questions, ask here, because im not notified of comments on their website.

You should check them out, they have lots of great content: //

In the final part of the Snowman series, we’ll harness the raw power of Xpresso to create a snow covered tree for our scene. We’ll use a series of Xpresso nodes to build a system that will allow us to dynamically change the tree’s size, scale and segments on the fly, without the need to re-model or manually adjust settings.

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