Render of a happy smiling male king model in Cinema 4D using Octane render. Demonstrating face rig. This character is fully rigged. Im a freelancer who rigs characters in cinema 4d. c4d king character. with a crown on his head


C4D rigged Character

Rigging – For client 

Render & Lighting for fun in Octane

Software: Cinema 4D


c4d King character 3d model rigged in Cinema 4d. Animation ready. Mograph king. face rig, mocap ready

The Client sent me this model, and asked to rig it up in Cinema 4D with a face rig and a coat which interacts with legs, but can also be hand animated.

The rig is also compatible with Mixamo and other motion capture solutions.

The Client also requested custom controllers on the cape, crown and bottom of the coat. And as you can see in the video’s below. you can quickly and easily animate all those parts with controllers. 


If your project needs a Fully rigged character for cinema 4D, drop me an email at hello @