C4D rigged Character

Modelling – Rigging – Materials – Textures – Lighting – Rendering

Software: Cinema 4D, Octane, 3D Coat

Often I will be approached with some assets and asked to make a 3D model. I like these kind of projects because i have something to push away from. In this case, I was provided both with 2D art and a 3d model they already had but wanted more fidelity to it. had to re-make most of it, but the hair was actually quite nice. Just added some edge loops to it an refined some of the curves. 

Also She is Fully rigged in Cinema4D

The process wasn’t always smooth, sometimes she looked downright terrible, but you just keep pushing and iterating until you get something that you like. Take deep breaths, circle stuff you don’t like and keep fixing stuff. 

The file that i recieved, and and early face/hair test i did for the client before the project started. They liked it and we continued on with the project from there. 

If you are interested in a Fully rigged character for cinema 4D, drop me an email at hello @ ace5studios.com