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Rig and Animate a 2 legged walker in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial Aleksey Voznesenski will guide you through the entire process of creating and animating a two-legged robot using Cinema 4D. You will begin by modeling the robot using a reference image and then move onto rigging, animation, lighting and rendering in part two.

Here is the Transform PlugIn

and here the Chamfer Maker

and here is the reference image if you need it:

This was another tutorial i published for Cgtuts, if you have any questions, ask here, because im not notified of comments on their website.

You should check them out, they have lots of great content: //cgi.tutsplus.com/


2.Modeling the Cab & Feet

3.Modeling the Legs



6.Lighting and Rendering


If you have any questions, post them here, because i dont get notified of messages on the youtube videos.