Register by following this link:
You should get a free transfer, and i get a commission 🙂

You do not need a business account with wise ( it will ask you for 50 EUR). personal one will work just fine.

After you have registered an account it’s pretty simple.

  1. Click “Send money”

2. click “send from your bank” assuming you don’t have any funds on

3. Choose your home currency at the top, and PLN at the bottom.

4. Choose the payment method.

5. Pick “someone else”

6. insert:
email: [email protected]
name: Fundacja Rozwoju twoj startup
account number: 41114010100000543359004886

city: Warszawa
address: ul. Zurawia 6/12 lok 766
post code: 00-503

7. then you should be taken to a portal to authorize the transfer. through which ever payment method you chose.