60 second intro covering what Thea render is and how it works inside cinema4d. People love videos. they say the likelihood of someone watching a video over reading text is upto 5 times greater

Maybe some timelapses of scenes being set up. stuff that gives the user the feeling of how easy it is to create things with this.

( obviously the video above is not this)

and some copy would be nice like:

Thea render, the only render engine that combines the power of CPU and GPU right inside Cinema4D. Use all available video cards and processors to render photorealisitc images at never before seen speeds. Choose between multiple render engines inside Thea. the 2 GPU render engines are PrestoMC and PrestoAO. Pick MC for physically accurate unbiased results. Pick AO for even faster results, while sacrificing certain features like refractions. Whatever your project demands Thea render is there to serve your needs.


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Extended thea video – that one you have with animations. maybe add some animations demonstrating mograph color shader support. and some xparticles fluids.