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Get all my premium character rig packs together for a 50% discount!

This Bundle includes, My 5man with all his accessories. 5J pack, both Johns and Janes, The 5J kids pack, A5 sign man, and the newly release Limbs pack!

If you have made a purchase previously, contact me and i’ll give you a discount on the bundle 🙂

Deal runs till close of business cyber Monday

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Cinema 4D rigged hats, crowns. horns, glasses, mustaches, caps helmet hard hat propeller bunny ears
Cinema 4D rigged items - glasses, mustaches VR
Cinema 4D rigged items pumpkin trident sword tv briefcase bat tennis racket c4d models boxing gloves
rigged cinema 4d characters human biped controllers c4d maxon rigging stylized
A5 sign man rigged human character
image showing man rig controllers in Cinema 4D


$105.00 thats more than 50% off (Just), thats $220 worth of character rigs! Thats Over 20 characters for just over a 100bucks! AND a character building pack! Thats like $5 a rig!

Deal runs till close of business cyber Monday

Full 5J pack Guys AND Girls

Full 5man pack with all accessories

Arms and Legs pack!

Sign man character ( the one thats on toilets and stuff)

5j kids as well

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